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The Foals are out

I came across these fellows by accident. Another example of minimalist math rock, but with a groove and an edge. They’ve already cut out a second album, but I recommend giving their Antidotes a try before moving on to the new stuff. In terms of accessibility, the first album is more “harmonically pleasing” than the second.

This is math rock that you can dance to. Even if it’s in a room with drawn shades so that no one can watch.


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“Summertime music” records and playlists were probably being lifted out of milk crates and slumbering iPod memories in April when that first sunny day happened, at least in the northern states. If so, then this post is obselete.

Unless, of course, you’re sitting in the air-conditioning and you stopped listening to your music because it became boring after 20 replays.

In which case, put down the iced coffee and head outside. Or better yet, drive a ’94 Chevy van to the coast. Whatever you do, do it to this:

The Drums are a good addition to your summer repetoire: cool, catchy listening. And it’s repetitive, which makes learning the words easier than typing “blue.”

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