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Grizzly Bears, though hardly grizzly

Genre: Psych-folk, neo-psychedelia, lo-fi, experimental rock, indie rock

Album: Veckatimest, 2009.

I finally started listening to them this summer, having already been acquainted with their single “Two Weeks” but not with the album “Veckatimest” it came from.

Well, it’s been too long. Two years too long. When you hear an amazing song, you really should give the artist his/her/their due: spend time with the rest of their work. Otherwise it’s like asking for a cigarette and then walking off to smoke it with someone other than the person you bummed from.

I suppose this makes me guilty of some kind of artistic negligence.

And speaking of “artistic”…

Grizzly Bear is very strange. But strangely wonderful. Their music is complex and often discordant, moving into sequences that jar you like being slapped in the face with a pillow, or keeping you awake with a soft but unnerving noise. It makes for interesting, preferentially evening, listening.

Two of their songs, however, besides their single “Two Weeks”, really stand out as wonderful/wonderful, not just strange/wonderful. Check out “All We Ask” and “About Face”. These two numbers are slightly more accessible, without losing any of their flavor.


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